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A dietician is a professional who provides scientifically based, objective nutrition information. The nutritional information you are given by a registered dietician is not subject to current fads and wild claims. There are many specialties in the field of dietetics, just like there are many physicians who specialize in a given area of expertise. Dieticians can specialize in certain disease states; provide in-patient hospital and out-patient clinic counseling, sports nutrition, food service, public health, business, research and journalism.

We are an organization comprised of Nutrition Professionals who have become EXPERTS in their field of practice because of their advanced education and years of experience. As professionals, we have come together in one website to share knowledge and help others gain from our knowledge and vast experience. Our company goal is to provide reliable and superb dietary services at affordable rates.

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BARIATRIC Specialist

specializing in the treatment of obesity.
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our vitamin nutraceutical supply shop for optimal health.
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ADULT Day Care

multiple program benefits & services regarding your dietary needs.
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"Through my years of practice, I have achieved a very balanced perspective on how to apply both understanding and compassion to assist with the dietary needs of all of my clients. Whether my professional journey had involved developing diet plans for people who have had Gastric Bypass surgery or empowering food service staff through education – all has been a real pleasure. I truly enjoy seeing others succeed and helping them learn more enjoyable and healthy ways to reach their goals in their personal and professional lives."
- Michele Silano MA, MS RD

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